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Exploration, brawls, strange chimeras, a heist in a thieves' school, kobolds making ice cream, a sports game... these good-natured adventures overflow with twists and turns but fit on one page.

These adventures were written and (mostly) illustrated by Jan Van Houten, edited and laid out by Nicolas Folliot. They are compatible with your favorite TTRPG, but if you want to take the opportunity to discover a new one, there's Sodalitas, a tiny tabletop roleplaying game to play for an hour or so with too many young players.

Thanks to a progressive financing of this first season, we were able to invite several illustrators of wide variety of styles and backgrounds to come and draw some adventures (in chronological order):

Are you an educator?

These adventures as well as the game Sodalitas have been designed for you, and we want you to be able to get as many children as possible playing, so for you it's free if you want it! Just send a message to aventures-sodalitas@jdrlab.fr to introduce yourself.

Tu cherches ces aventures en français ?

C'est par ici → https://jdrlab.itch.io/aventures-en-une-page


Get this adventures pack and 2 more for 14.00€ EUR
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In order to download this adventures pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 12.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

Adventures On A Single Page · Season 1 6 MB
Adventure On A Single Page #2: The Artefact 175 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #3: The Archmage's Thermal Baths 193 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #4: The Heist 311 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #6: Zombies in the Jungle 285 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #7: The Hunt 200 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #8: The Baron's First Dungeon 1,003 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #9: Magus Moreau's Island 464 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #10: The Nest 562 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #11: Mysteries & Tentacles 244 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #12: The Elven Temple 306 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #13: The Inaugural Flight of the Kaiserliche 833 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #14: Wizard Tower For Sale 595 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #15: The Game 350 kB

Download demo

Adventure On A Single Page #1: Troubles in the Ruins 204 kB
Adventure On A Single Page #5: Lost in the Marshes 228 kB

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I sent an email about a teacher copy.  Thank you!

Is this the only thing you need to play these adventures? Or do you need something more? I'm a bit confused, it feels like there's not really much instruction.

Hi. The adventures are not a game by themselves. They are made to be use with your favorite trpg. 

I playtested them with Into The Odd and Sodalitas, but I know some people use DnD5 or others game.

We included a very short Trpg in the collection but it's just if you really need a system and have nothing else near you. 


I played Adventures on a Single Page with my little one (4 years old), and he loved it!  There's so many cool adventures specifically for kids here, and they require little to no prep AND fit in less than an hour - great job and attention to detail here, and check out my full review on the TTRPGkids site:



Amazing work! I have been running these adventures for my kids using the Prole adventure game system. I am looking forward to Seasons 2 and 3 ... and more!


I love this! I feel like I could run any one of these, without prep, and my group would have a great time with it - which is exactly what I'm looking for from a prewritten adventure (or 15).


Update: I've run a bunch of these, for various groups, and they've been a hit every time. This might be my new favorite system-agnostic resource. Can't wait for more!


I feel like the season 1 booklet is missing the introduction page between contents and the map pages... I'm not sure how to start off


Hi Chifilo, nothing's actually missing: the map and encyclopedia are the "introduction" part… It's just bits and pieces you don't have to use. I'd say the best way to start would be to pick any of the 15 adventures relying on its complexity, themes… maybe there's one that would fit easily in your ongoing campaign, or there might be some extras you can't wait to roleplay!

We're discussing the possibility to open a discussion part on this page where we could chat about the adventures and have a Q&A, but in the meantime feel free to contact the author @JanVanHouten and myself @nicolasfolliot on Twitter.


These are amazing! Such a unique set of games and I imagine perfect for being on itch.io


I really like the ease and layout of these. Generic enough to fit into any system, but descriptive enough to understand what the authors wanted. Looking forward to more!